Julianne + Matt

are getting married!

14 April 2018

Atlanta, GA

These last 5 years

In May of 2012, Julianne went out to after-work drinks at a cocktail bar in her neighborhood with a friend, Danielle. As they decided to leave the bar and head next door for pizza after one too many drinks, Danielle mentioned having to go say hi to an old friend from Atlanta before they could leave. Danielle strode over to the door and said Hello to Matt, just as he was walking in with some of his colleagues. Julianne and Danielle never got to go for pizza, but Danielle made sure to make some introductions and stood back while Matt took forever to ask Julianne for her number.

Jules and Matt went on their first date just a few days later, before Matt took off to bike through Europe for the summer. While the two emailed over his vacation and Jules insisted that nothing was going to come from it, her friends knew better, with a close friend, Devin, spilling some back-story to the entire tribe of sisters while she visited NY.

Once Matt returned from Germany, the two went on what they’ve continued to call their “second-first date,” which was followed up by many, many more dates in San Francisco, Christmases in NY, road trips through the Pacific North West, hiking through 9 US National Parks, wine tasting in Tuscany, lagoon swimming in South East Asia, a cross-country move, and a proposal in Northern Iceland under some well-timed Auroras.