Julianne + Matt

are getting married!

Wedding Party

Valerie Ammirati

Mistress of Ceremonies

Val has shared not only the burden of being a middle child with Julianne, but also a bedroom at one point, being so kind as to offer Jules the lower bunk bed so that if a kidnapper came in, the bandit would snatch Jules first. Besides that minor bump, Jules and Val have grown into adults who have explored the Bay together, plotted adventures to surprise the other sisters for bachelorettes and 21st birthdays, and giggled while Val managed to be the most spectacular prankster towards their mom.

Matt and Val became close while Val lived in SF, and Matt has stepped in as the level-headed mediator when the sisters would argue, the photographer when they decide to stage photos at various theme parks, bars, and airports, and the fellow tech worker in the family with whom Val can commiserate.

Bruno Biaggianti


While visiting San Francisco from his homeland of Milan, Mr. Biagianti made a wrong turn and found himself at a tech event instead of the art gallery he had planned on visiting. Luckily, he stuck around the bar where he met Matt, and the two bonded over drinks and discussions of life philosophies and general absurdities.

After Matt and Jules’s first date, Matt went off to travel through Europe for a few months, but asked Jules if it was ok to put her in touch with his buddy, who was moving to SF to work at the same hospital where she worked. As luck would have it, Bruno was working in psychiatry on some of the same studies as Julianne’s lab. Julianne and Bruno bonded over work struggles, adoration of Backstreet Boys songs, and their shared love for the other wedding MC.

Special Thanks

Meghan Schofield

Design Maven

Many moons ago, Matt and Jules ventured to a friend’s annual holiday bash. While mingling, Jules started talking to recent transplant, Meghan, about her move to the Bay Area, the recency of which was evidenced by the layering of many, many cardigans. Even though Megan was sick and likely just wanted to be in bed, she marveled Jules with her impressive creativity (she designed children’s museum exhibits!) and her thoughtfulness. Jules and Meghan flirted with friendship for a while until they finally made the jump and have never looked back. Mega and Jules have giggled through Hawaiian luaus together, backpacked 30 miles through Yosemite and Lassen Volcanic park, run trough salt flats and sand dunes in Death Valley, explored SF’s expanse of cocktail bars, and been each others life coach/travel partner throughout trips to Nola, NY, Vancouver, Portland, and Las Vegas. When Matt decided he didn’t like any of the predesigned wedding websites, he reached out to Meghan, now a designer extraordinaire for Google, to design this site, and we think she did a fabulous job :)

Gary & Vivian Chapman

Patient Paparazzi

While Matt reached peak nerddom as a homeschooled high schooler teaching himself how to code, he would have been alone in his programming enthusiasm had it not been for the Chapmans and their son, Daniel. Daniel wanted to enter into a high school team programming competition, but the contest would not allow teams of only one contestant, so Gary and Vivian Chapman asked around to see if any friends knew of other programming high schoolers to pair with their son. Sure enough, Matt and Daniel hit it off and placed first overall in their second year competing! As professional photographers, Gary and Vivian fostered Matt’s interest in photography, all the while serving as wonderful role models for kindness and creativity. When Jules and Matt realized that their only recent photos together are either (a) selfies taken while hiking or (b) couple photos taken by another tourist who may or may not have known how to work a camera, they emailed Gary and Vivian in a panic. The Chapmans were patient in 90+ degree heat while Matt and Jules hammed it up for the photos you see on this website, and we’re beyond grateful they’re talented enough to make us look pretty.